The company's history  

Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Spirytusowego "Polmos" in Warsaw, as a joint stock company started its activity on March 1, 2003 as a result of direct privatization of a state-owned enterprise. However, the roots of the company go much deeper, until the interwar period, or more precisely to the years 1918-1924, when the State Spirits Monopoly was established. It is safe to say that POLMOS w Warszawie S.A. operates on the Polish market as its heir, continuing the long tradition of the Polish spirit industry.

POLMOS in Warsaw S.A. conducts business activity in such areas as:

  • production of the product under the name REKTYFIKOWANY SPIRYTUS as well as pure and flavored vodkas,
  • wholesale and retail distribution of alcohol and other beverages,
  • own production of alcoholic beverages,
  • import of wines from Chile, intra-Community acquisition of wines from Portugal, components for the production of vodka.

Production activities of POLMOS in Warsaw S.A. started in 1993 in his own Vodka Factory in Stalowa Wola. The plant was equipped with modern bottling devices with a full range of capacities from 50 ml to 1750 ml, including a water treatment plant from its own deep well.

The production capacity of the plant exceeds 4 million liters per year.

Vodkas produced in our factory, according to our own recipes, have a unique, mild and harmonized taste, which makes them more and more popular both on the Polish and foreign markets.

They are produced from the best ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin produced in Poland. POLMOS in Warsaw S.A. it is also the sole owner of the RECTIFICAT SPIRITUS trademark and the sole manufacturer of the product under that name - known in Poland and abroad.

POLMOS in Warsaw S.A. sells its own products as well as Chilean and Portuguese wines through 4 of its own wholesalers and company stores. In this regard, it also cooperates with the best and most reliable trading partners in wholesale and retail sales. POLMOS in Warsaw S.A. has an approx. 1.0% share in the alcohol market in Poland.

Since 1987, when the Polish government decided to grant Polmos a license for direct export of Polish alcohol products, POLMOS w Warszawie S.A. exports alcoholic beverages to many countries around the world on an exclusive basis. Our main foreign customers are the market of the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and Australia. The export volume of our products is growing every year and in 2009 it accounted for 15.3% pills of the total net sales of our company. Of course, to achieve such good results, it is necessary to support our foreign partners in promotional and marketing campaigns.

Both the traditions and high qualifications of the working staff and their commitment allow the Company to achieve good economic results, and the HACCP and ISO certificates obtained in 2004 mobilize us even more to maintain the high quality of the manufactured products and their aesthetics.

POLMOS w Warszawie S.A., one of the smallest vodka producers in Poland, supports many campaigns to the best of its abilities c